Feb 16, 2016

ORCHESTRA OF SPHERES presents An Intergalactic History of Pairs

The Orchestra of Spheres is a popular and original psychedelic rock band from Wellington who regularly tour Europe, the USA and Asia. Together with videographer Erica Sklenars and theatre director Stephen Bain, they have created a family-friendly theatrical music concert.
The theme is pairs, and the Spheres take us to every corner of comprehension in their typically hypnotic and infectious way. A body appears, firstly as disjointed elements then together at last in pairs - suddenly they are away, into the limitless possibilities of the universal order of pairs and finally into outer space and alien life.
The concert uses the often wordless 'song format' to create a new landscape for every tune. Kids and adults alike are seduced by the dance and accessible originality that make the Orchestra of Spheres one of Wellington's finest exports.
“Orchestra of Spheres must be the most out-of-this-world band in music today...sounds like they come from another planet, where nonstop dance and remarkable melodies are the norm” – Brian Shimkovitz – Awesome Tapes from Africa

Created by 
- Orchestra of Spheres 
with Stephen Bain (director/designer) & Erica Sklenars (live video)